Different Leadership Styles

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Question two:

Though management and leadership styles have been somewhat in terms of generations' views on important leader attributes and their own leadership behaviors. Firefighters have recognized generational differences in their profession and the need to account for these differences in their training. There is also a concern for building and training their future leaders. Ralph M. Stogdill, in his survey of leadership theories and research pointed out that, “There are almost as many different definitions of leadership as there are persons who have attempted to define the concept”.
According to a quantitative, non-experimental, descriptive study that was conducted in 2011 by Summer Rachelle Felton Odom, there were a total of 330 firefighters
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Without effective communication between the leader and the mates, instructions will not be listened and followed, thus causing breakdown of communication and trust within the team. As quoted from the video by Greg Mullins, “people will not walk the talk from people whom they don’t trust, management is doing things right and leadership is doing the right things”.
Glen Lord, who is an inspector of the New South Wales Fire Brigade Service, believes that leadership is about walking the talk and to empower his staff to do their best. His role is to ensure that each station has sufficient staff and the efficiency of staff being employed when there is work. Also, he is to also lead his team and demonstrate to others so that they can understand and put it into practice. He also believes that in decision-making, his teammates should also be involved in it and that trust has to be earned in the team so as for work to be efficiently done. Mutual understanding, communication, trust and respect are also of upmost importance in part of team
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Having said so, to a certain extent, the leadership style is different as their job scope is different but then again they are of management level, hence they still do use some of the same similar leadership skills, only that some styles of theirs are different due to the nature and requirements of their work.
The Commissioner would require a team of management and also sufficient authority rights to lead everyone. There needs to be a commander whereby emergency and important decisions have to be made swift and hence not all of the leadership skills as mentioned earlier are being used alone, some are being integrated together such as transformational and transactional leadership style. There has to be changes made and flexibility. As for Station Officer, the most important and crucial is teamwork and team effort, hence understanding teammates and getting together to work under the leader’s instructions would require the efforts being made and bonding that has conformed so that work can be done

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