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Intern Firefighter I was an intern firefighter at Fire District 3 where we provided medical, traumatic and fire & rescue services to three rural towns in Washington State: Brush Prairie, Hockinson and Battle Ground. As an intern, my primary objective was to learn all the skills and responsibilities of a firefighter. I was trusted with the task of inspecting the fire engine to ensure that every tool and appliance functioned properly. I was taught to be meticulous and prepared for any emergencies that may arise because my teammates were dependent on me, but, more importantly, our community held us to the highest standard. Count: 608 Paramedic School* The paramedic program at the Oregon Institute of Technology (OIT), partnered with the Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU), is the only paramedic program in Oregon taught at a university. This granted me access as a student to resources, which enriched my learning experience. I had the opportunity to rotate through the emergency department, labor & delivery, the pediatric hospital, psychiatric ward, general surgery and anesthesia. Through these experiences, I gained perspective of the full breadth of healthcare. It was these experiences which led me to research a career as a physician. Count: 598 Meaningful experience The…show more content…
In addition to funding my summer research in Dr. Phillips lab for the summer, there were also weekly presentations by researchers. Some lecturers presented their research on diseases and disabilities such as post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, and drug abuse, and specifically how they affect our war veterans. Before this fellowship, it was difficult to fully appreciate basic science research but these lectures made me proud of the work I was contributing to and proud of the researchers who work so hard to change

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