Firefighting Shifts More Expensive Essay

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The physical aspects of firefighting can be very costly and brutal to one 's body. The long hours on your feet can result in negative effects emotionally and affect the performance of the personnel serving. It can be very dangerous to the public, Would most people want someone who is tired and worn out trying to save your life? Firefighters work extensive shifts up to 24 hours day and night. Some believe personnels are pleased with working 24 hour and prefer it. One reason Emergency responders accept it, as stated in “Are 24- Hour Shifts More Expensive?” By Randy Billings he interview chief williams and he describes 24 hour schedules. “Shorter shifts create hardships for families and are not healthy for firefighters, according to Williams, of the state firefighters association. He argues that a…show more content…
Missing less work can benefit the station so they do not have to pay overtime to cover a personnel if they were sick . Also having more time off employees can spend time with family or friends. Additionally in the debate article ‘Work Schedules: 24 vs 12” by John Picarello, he describes how 24 hour shifts can be beneficial. “In the case of a working structure fire, fire crews can be on scene for several hours, if not longer...the less frequent shift exchanges occur, the less chance there is that a crew will be busy on scene of an emergency, which would delay and disrupt the shift exchange process.” 24 hour shift change would be a better system if this were the case, because then the fire department would have to be paying those personnels overtime to continue working and also pay the people that were scheduled to work too. This would result in unnecessary spending and that money could go towards more important things such as

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