Fireflies In The British Essay

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Bengal was an important region in Indian political history. It attracted many Orientals with its natural richness. It was ruled by many potent rulers and borne a lot of tumult and clamor in colonial and post colonial period. As a result of Ottoman Orientals its population accumulated with hybrid cultured people. After decline of Nawab Nizams it became crucial colonial hub for the English. British established their housing colonies and institutions and greatly transformed its society. Bengal had been divided twice by British that caused polarization among people. The present paper discusses the social and political polarity in Colonial and post colonial Bengal. Keywords: Colonial Bengal, Political and cultural polarization, Qurratulain Hyder, Fireflies in the Mist. ***** Bengal was one of the important such trading centers, later it became a crucial presidency among many along with Bombay and Madras. The Nawab Nizams of Bengal and Orissa ruled the provinces of Bengal and Orissa between 1717 and 1765. However, they were only nominally subordinated to the Mughal Empire; they ruled complex masses with considerable…show more content…
It spans the history of East Bengal from the time of the nationalist movement against the British, to the creation of East Pakistan, and finally to Bangladeshi independence. The novel centers around Deepali Sarkar, an educated free willed good natured and young middle class Hindu girl who becomes drawn into the extreme left wing of the nationalist movement. And she gets attracted and attached to Rehan Ahmed, a Muslim radical with Marxist inclinations who introduces her to the life of the rural deprived. Rehan and Deepali share common political thinking and drawn into unfruitful love affair. Through this pair author established conflicts and at the same time cultural harmony between Hindus and Muslim in Bengal during and after freedom
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