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Firegirl By:Tony Abbott Notes By: Te’Shonda Lawhorn Setting: New Haven, Connecticut, last week of September to middle of October, modern time Conflict: Man vs. Man, Man vs. Himself Theme: Overcoming Obstacles, Friendship Main Characters: Tom Bender, Jeff Hicks, Jessica Feeney Tom Jeff Jessica Identity Traits Friend of Jessica, Student of Mrs.Tracy, Friend of Jeff Identity Traits Friend of Tom, Student of Mrs. Tracy, Son of Mrs. Hicks Identity Traits Burn victim, Daughter of Mr. Feeney, Student of Mrs. Tracy Character Traits Brave- had the guts to be Jessica’s friend Character Traits Rude- loved to be insulting, especially to Jessica Upset- Jeff was mad with his life because his parent Character traits Shy- never talked to anyone…show more content…
Several students ask who it is, unknowing that it is Jessica before the accident she was in. Jessica tells a lie and says that it is her sister, Anne. People wondered if Anne went to school with some of their younger siblings. Jessica adds to the story that Anne died and leaves the classroom for a burn treatment at the nearby hospital. After Jessica leaves, many students were making twisted stories of what they thought killed Anne and burned Jessica so badly. At the end of the day, Jeff asks Tom to come over after school. Tom declines and makes an excuse. Then Mrs.Tracy asks Tom to bring Jessica’s homework to her, since she lived nearby. Jeff gets upset because Tom lied about having something to do. Tom talks with Jessica for the first time. He then gets stopped by Mr. Feeney on the way out and he talks with Mr. Feeney and finds out that Jessica never had a sister, and that she made the story up. Tom also learned how the accident Jessica was in happened. Soon, it comes to the day when Jeff and Tom were planning on taking a ride in the Cobra. Tom waits for several hours after Jeff did all this bragging and finds out that Jeff’s uncle didn 't even bring the Cobra which led to an argument between the two pals. Soon, the class
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