Firm's Ethical Marketing On Consumer Self-Reported Behavior Case Study

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Impact of Firm’s Ethical Marketing on Customer’s Self-reported Behavior Umer Ejaz Waqas Ahmad Arifa Arshad 1. Introduction: 1.1 Importance of Area: Ethical perceptions about the organization amplify the impact of customer value on customer satisfaction and eventually loyalty (Jay Prakash Mulki Fernando Jaramillo, 2011). The main purpose of marketing is to increase sale of any product or services, for this purpose they have to show a lot of efforts to made consumers loyal with their product or services. We are discussing here the ethical behavior of marketing that will effect on consumer’s behavior. We will try to find out whether it is true or not. As we know that now a day’s consumers are becoming more informed about market. They know well about market and competitors who are offering same type of product or substitute product or services. So by attracting customers we have to bring innovations or something unique in our product or in our strategies that will attract to them and make them loyal with our product. As today customers are become more educated and more social responsible so ethical behavior of marketing attracts them more.…show more content…
(Lichtenstein, Drumwright, Braig 2004). Both theory and recent research evidence suggest that an ethical behavior of marketing can positively affect consumers’ attitudes toward the corporation. The effect occurs both directly and indirectly through the behavior’s effect on customer–corporation identification. This paper proposes a model that describes how consumer’s ethical concerns about business practices may influence their purchase behavior. The model link marketing mix 4P’s, ethical reputations and consumer intentions towards the brand, organization and consumer buying

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