Firmstrong Urban Beach Bike Case Study

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Why is Firmstrong Urban Beach Cruiser Bike a good choice? Firmstrong Urban beach cruiser bikes are specially designed to satisfy needs of every bike enthusiast in the world. Firmstrong blends style with high quality workmanship. Cruiser bikes are widely known for its simple design, safety and comfortable riding in purpose of recreational lifestyle. Firmstrong gained its popularity by confirming all these features and developing innovations mostly in the area of durability, quality and modern style. They are offering a variety of choices to fit all needs, with wheels in 24 and 26" size for petite build while cruising down the road or for higher people offering comfort while soaking up the bumps. You can choose your speed, size and color at…show more content…
Firmstrong solved this problem by creating models for both genders and every body type, so no one should experience discomfort using the bike. Also, bikes constructed for kids have various models too. Girls may feel uncomfortable sitting on a bike that suits boys better, and since usually girls are shorter than boys, they will have to select a specific version. But Firmstrong bikes do not require adjustment, as they are designed in various sizes to cater for the issue of height. Needless to say, controlling sizes on one kids bike is strongly recommended. Variety of sizes are very important, since many people ride bikes that doesn't suit their body type perfectly, and that can cause some health issues such as problems with the spine, especially if the bike is ridden daily. Firmstrong works in favor both of comfort and…show more content…
Different types of ground, mainly the rough ones affect the bike's condition. Modern and improved engineering of Firmstrong Cruiser Bikes allows users to ride their bikes with no fear of destroying wheels or occurrence of accidents caused by losing the control of the bike. Losing control of the bike can easily happen if somebody hits some small stone or challenge some ground curves. Firmstrong prevented this by upgrading the most qualified steel construction systems which makes the bike stable, safe and uneasily harmed. Pros Advantages of Firmstrong Urban Cruiser Bikes are countless. What makes Firmstrong highly rated and popular is mostly a variety of styles, speeds and sizes. With a variety of styles comes the variety of customers, and everyone who tried one of the Firmstrong bikes is pleased with its performance and effectiveness. “The Firmstrong Urban Man 3-Speed Beach Cruiser Bike is a great bike for the price. I love everything about it! If you want a beach cruiser bike with the ability to switch gears, at the reasonable price ever, then this is the bike for you.” Low prizes and high quality are the best combination that Firmstrong came with and that's what is giving them all these attention and compliments. Pedaling becomes easier due to better power transfer aided by the firm grip the cycling shoes have on the pedals, and all the Firmstrong equipment is there to achieve one main goal-comfort for

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