Firoozeh Dumas The F Word Analysis

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Iranian writer, Firoozeh Dumas, in her narrative essay, “The F Word,”illustrates the challenges of having a different name in America. Dumas’ purpose is to represent the importance of accepting one’s identity and other’s. Having a different name brought her a great challenge to fit in with her peers. Through the story, she learned how to accept her own name and how should others accept people’s differences. She portrays this idea in a humorous way. She also used different literary devices and writing elements in order to promote her idea. Dumas’ style is characterized by several elements including organization, literary devices, and sentence structure which made her writing effectively. Firoozeh Dumas used metaphors to illustrate her ideas.…show more content…
Word choice gives a better sense of what the author wants to tell his/her audience. In the narrative essay, “The F Word”, the author tells her view about America. Some of her ideas about America are positive and some of them are negative or neutral. The word choice determines whether the sentence is positive, negative, or neutral. One example of positive is “America is a great country” (Dumas). This quote has the word “great” which is a denotative word; this word tells the readers that the author thinks that America is an excellent country. Another example of word choice from this narrative essay also about the country. “But nobody without a mask and a cape have a z in his name” (Dumas). This quote is a neutral connotative word which means it could be positive or negative; it is neutral because it can’t be defined as negative or positive yet. And, lastly, the author tells the readers about what the immigrants think about moving to America. “All of us immigrants knew that moving to America would be fraught with challenges” (Dumas). This quote is an example of a negative connotation because it simply tells the readers that coming to America will be hard for immigrants. The word choice of the author helps the readers understand her emotions and ideas about her story. I also help the readers understand the author’s style of writing by giving them the ideas of what kind of words she usually use in her
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