Essay On The Importance Of First Aid

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First aid is a life-saving technique which people prefer to save lives with minimal equipment. First aid includes simple procedures which are aided with some common sense. It is not classified as a medical treatment and cannot be comparable to a medical professional. It is a special practical and immediate care for an injury or sudden illness administered until professional medical help is available. Such emergency care provides self-help in case of injury or illness. It is also critical in response to Natural Disaster. First aid training covers care for wounds and sudden illness, care for specific injuries, accident preventions and emergency procedures. Most first aid is a combination of practical procedures for non-professional. Such emergency care helps the victim until professional medical help…show more content…
One should recognize the fundamentals of administering care and this information is gained by obtaining trained. IMPORTANCE OF FIRST AID TRAINING 1. HELPS TO INCREASE SAFETY The basis of first aid training is PREVENTION. It is perpetually higher to be safe than to be sorry. By gaining the knowledge related to first aid, it promotes the sense of safety and wellbeing among people, prompting them to be additionally alert and safe within the surroundings they reside in. Awareness and desire to free from accidents keep everyone secure, reducing the quantity of casualties and accidents. 2. HELPS IN SAVING LIVES If an individual who is trained for first aid administration, happens to ascertain any casualty in his neighborhood, immediate action may be taken and lives be saved. whereas its natural for many folks to rush to support any injured/disabled person, a trained person is additional reliable, assured and up to the mark of himself and his actions whereas in critical situations. 3. HELPS RELEIVE
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