First Amendment And Religious Freedom

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The first amendment protects most religious beliefs, but not all. When the Founders came to the New World, many were escaping for the purpose of religious freedom. When the Bill of Rights was written, they thought religious freedom was one of the most important topics, so it was put as the first amendment. At the present time, there are many controversies between what this amendment covers and what the Establishment Clause and Free Exercise Clause cover. To know what the Founders thought about religious freedom is important to understanding the first amendment. The Founders thought freedom of religion was important because of the fact that they believed if religious freedom was at risk, all freedom was at risk (Myers). They thought religious freedom was crucial to having a successful nation. The Founders also believed religious freedom caused more freedom and devotion (Myers). They thought this freedom was necessary to a limited government…show more content…
All freedoms should have a restriction somewhere, and this limitation should happen when one breaks a law for the purpose of a religion. Americans should have their freedoms, but safety is even more important. Harming others for the purpose of a religion is a threat to society, and can bring down the nation. It is not fair for the purpose of people to break the law just because of a religious belief, while other people get punished for breaking the law. The first amendment is a controversial topic that still gets debated today. People debate over whether limitations should be put on the first amendment, and what the Founders would think today. It is also important to know what the Establishment Clause and Free Exercise Clause are as a citizen. The first amendment, although not well known, is an important part of
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