First Amendment Safeguards The Right To Freedom Of Religion

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The First Amendment of the United States Constitution safeguards the right to freedom of religion and freedom of communication from government interference. Freedom of expression involves the constitutional right to the choice of speech, media, and meetings to request that the government pay for damages from complaints, and for the indirect rights of relationships and trust. Two sections in the First Amendment promise freedom of religion. The establishment clause bars the government from passing laws to create an official religion or favoring one religion over another. It imposes the "parting of church and state." Some legislative actions associated to religion has been acknowledged legitimate by the Supreme Court. For example, implementing…show more content…
This does not make one religion bad but holds another at a higher standard. Every religion has had their fault. Many have grew up with one religion hanging over their head and when they are old enough to decide on their own, have chosen to go with another religion, for whatever reason to benefit their life. It has been stated that there are two things people should never discuss. One is politics and the other is religion. Why is this? Well it seems to get a lot of people in trouble because many are not open to others opinions or beliefs when it comes to these two topics. Numerous people support one religion more than the other because it is in their comfort zone. Though we cannot verify the reality of one or many gods, we can offer proof for the power of religion and all it has to offer those that believe in it or those who don’t. For good or for bad, an individual’s faith influences their daily operations: We 've progressed to have faith in the fact that there is a GOD. Religion can help make sense of anything that occurs in one’s life whether good or bad. If it’s good, it is of God, but if it’s bad, it is automatically stated that it is of the devil. People are devilish and they should be rebuked and the devils cast from the souls of hell. Religion has been stated to provide inspiration, and is the force that bind individuals together. However, organized faith has its disadvantages. So keep an open mind when dealing with religion. Some do not believe there is a God, or that God cease to exist. But that is another story for another
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