First Assignment: Interviewing Skill

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First Assignment: Interviewing Skill What are the five characteristics that Katie Couric describes as a good interviewer? First, the person conducting the interview must be gracious she states; therefore, this brings about a more relax atmosphere and the interviewee will feel more at ease. The more relaxed the client becomes the more they are willing to participate in the interview. Always remember that the body language plays an important key when interviewing; one must be warm and welcoming. Try to keep your voice tone low and soothing. No matter the situation if you keep a calm caring voice tone the atmosphere will remain calm. A caseworker once informed me that even if a client becomes irate, never change your tone, remain calm and eventually the client will return to the interview mentally. Katie Couric stated that she prepares for the interview. I believe that you should always prepare for anything that you do. However, she prepares by accumulating her questions according to the interviewee; questions that would keep the conversation flowing. She also makes sure her questions are open and not yes or no questions. Lastly, listening is the key ingredient to a successful interview. Listening allows you to paraphrase on what has been discussed and bring up issues that need to be elaborated on a little more.…show more content…
I love how she carries herself; how she is always professional no matter the situation. In order to ensure that this interview went well. First I would send an invitation for the interview. read as much information as possible, the biography of Michelle Obama, pick a location and time that would be comfortable for Michelle and myself. Lastly, choose 5 questions that she would be able to elaborate on, such as: 1.) How does it feel to be married to President Obama, who is considered by mainstream media to be the first black president? 2.) What is the difference in your lifestyle since leaving the White
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