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Article Critique - The Believer’s Church: A “Natural Resource” Worth Conserving

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CHHI 665 – D02
History of Baptists


Oliver M. Brown
April 8, 2016

Walking into a First Baptist Church in your city and then visiting an inner-city community church, perhaps within that same city, the following week, would present different views as to the make-up of a church. A few more pronounced differences may be with the music, perhaps the order of the service, but less noticeable would be the religious differences and structure of each church. There may be differences in their theological beliefs and worldviews.
America’s first environmentalist president, President Theodore Roosevelt, in 1909, assembled the country’s governors to talk about the nation ignoring the country’s natural resources. Resources such as lakes, rivers, and mountains were, in his eyes, gifts from God that needed to be treasured and preserved. In other words, Roosevelt believed that we were blessed with these resources and had much to be thankful for. But the nation was very unresponsive and indifferent about the matter. Capitalism and self-indulgence were the order of the day and they were being served in
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Preservation of the church is essential for the workers of the church as the church is the heartbeat of the movement to spread God’s message of salvation. The Great Commission has outlined our duty as church workers and if we refuse to utilize our resources and preserve the truth within the church, then we are failing our mandate. There is a problem and a current threat against the church’s possible future existence. To prevent the disappearance of the church, it is crucial that the church step into its true position and role and gather the lost souls in this world for
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