First Blame The Parents Analysis

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Fakhri Rajab article "First Blame the Parents" is about how parents rely on maids and servants .The author discusses how parents hold maids and servants responsible for everything in the house.The article also shows kids now a day have everything done for them and how that might affect them in the future . Fahkri sees that maid hold beyond their responsibility and they don’t have enough time to spend with themselves. The author finds that some of the tasks performed by maids should be done by parents. He shows how frustrated he is because parents do not appreciate gods gift and leave their children all day.According to the author parents barely spend quality time with their children, talking to them and teaching the more about life form their experince.The author finds that kids hanging with maids for a long period affects the may they think as most often hey have a different religion and they speak a different language and that might have a negative effect on the kids. In his article Fakhri discusses how badly maids are treated in kuwait.He says they are insulted and humiliated to do things that are beyond what they are supposed to do. According to the author there are many crimes that occur now a days due to the bad treatment and work overload that maids receive.…show more content…
The article focuses on three main points, how parents and children rely on maids , how parents don’t spend time with their children and how badly maids are treated . From the title of the article "First Blame the Parents " I expected the article to be about the relationship between parents and children and how children are affected by their parents actions and words however the author gives no details about
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