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An exceptional gifted First Class Petty Officer whose leadership and technical savvy far surpass that of his peers. He exhibits the leadership and traits expected of a phenomenal LDO; superb self-discipline, sound decision making, outstanding communication skills and tireless motivation. He is recognized throughout the chain-of-command as the "go-to-leader" not only for my detachment but for Naval Air Weapons Station (NAWS). AO1 Carrillo is performing NOW at the Level I expect of any Ordnance Officer.

In filling the role of the Detachment QA, normally a GS-11/LT position, he spearhead the task of preparing for the 2015 Explosive Safety Inspection (ESI). His efforts and perseverance were phenomenal in guiding a civilian/contractor-centric workforce to the most successful ESI results in the detachment 's history. As my AA&E Officer he monitored 3.7 million pounds of net explosive weight valued at $234M and his efforts resulted in 100% inventory accuracy rating for ESI program 15, an account exceeding 12,000 line items in nearly 200 locations. He took
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His deckplate leadership and sense of heritage is known throughout the air station. He was hand picked by NAWS Chief Mess to be the only Petty Officer First Class to Facilitate BI2F Mid-Level to 126 Officer and Enlisted personnel, he lead 8 discussion topics of CPO 365 and facilitated 30 hours of Navy Pride and Professionalism to 70 newly assigned Sailors.

This future CAPTAIN is the Best the Navy has to offer! Sustained superior performance is his trademark. His technical expertise is second to none. I relied heavily on his leadership and the SUCCESS of my command is greatly due to his doing. He has proven time and again that given the opportunity he will produce nothing short of exceptional results. I would go to great lengths to have him as one of my Ordnance Officers. Do not delay your selection of this future community leader. Select him NOW and allow the Navy to utilize his potential as a

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