First Comes Love

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It states in the book First Comes Love that men and women should not cohabit before they get married. It is an offence to God that couples are becoming intimate before they are married. For those who are single it is important to not fall in love with love, but make sure to prepare for marital readiness when it does come. In my interview the couple said that communication is a major factor in a successful marriage. Communicating each other’s feelings is so significant in a relationship. If something is bothering a partner, they need to be comfortable enough to share what they are truly feeling. I need to be better and work at this. Sometimes when I am frustrated I am scared to share my true feelings. When people keep secrets from one another or hide how they feel it will cause problems in a relationship. Being honest, intimate, and vulnerable with the one you love will only help make a marriage stronger. They also said that being considerate and passionate towards each other are other…show more content…
When you truly know Christ you will then truly know yourself and it will make dating less complicated. Know what traits you want in a future spouse. The husband’s advice was that once you go on a date and realize you do not like the person to stop going on dates with them. If you do not like something about the person you are dating it will only get worse once you marry them. It is important to seek after traits you like in a person. While dating do not think you can change someone. As single adults we should realize that the person we date would not be able to read our mind. Do not anticipate unrealistic expectations from your partner. In conclusion they paraphrased a quote from Dieter F. Uchtdorf that states something along the lines of, you are not perfect, so why would the perfect person want you. Strive to find a good person, but do not expect them to be
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