First Crossing Chapter Summary

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First Crossing: The Trials of Illegal Immigrants Every day, around nine hundred illegal immigrants travel across the US-Mexico border looking for better opportunities to earn money and provide support for their families so that they can escape the poor conditions in which they are living in. Coming to the United States allows these immigrants to earn the money they need to improve their current living conditions at home. Susan Eckstein, a qualitative historical sociologist, wrote in a series of essays titled “Immigrant Niches and Immigrant Networks in the U.S. Labor Market” that when immigrants cross over from Mexico to the US to acquire work and get a wage “they often drive economic growth”. Coming to the states for work not only benefits illegal immigrants by giving them money, it also helps the American economy.
In the short story “First Crossing” written by Pam Munoz Ryan, published in
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Many immigrants from Mexico do not apply for this process because a lot of them feel they will not get accepted or have been caught crossing illegally so they will not qualify regardless. People eligible for the citizenship are met with a perplexing process and often difficult requirements (Alvarez 327). Illegal immigrants cannot go through this process and even if they could, it is too long and they need to be able to provide money for their family and that cannot happen if they are unable to enter the country. Regardless of what the naturalization process requires of a person, in order to keep the country safe from any isolated incidents or anything else, a lot of Americans feel that immigrants should take the time to follow the laws in place and go through this process to become
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