First Day Of College Essay

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When I was a young child I believed that going to college was going to be the best thing that ever happened to me. I used to watch movies, and TV shows about college and I wanted to be like those students. Living on my own, going to parties, and having a multitude of friends was on my bucket list for college when I was in middle school. The first day of college is shown to be the best day of a student’s life; yet, my first day of college was filled with tears, stress, and regret. The night before I left for college my family helped me pack so I can start my new life on campus. I have thought ever since I grew up that I would be fine with moving away from my family; but, that entire night and next day was drowned with tears. I only live about…show more content…
After a couple of day together me and my new roommate became the best of friends, this made me feel like maybe this semester won’t be as terrible as last semester. I went to my classes that next week with high hopes again, and to my surprise every class was extremely easy and my teachers were very helpful and nice. Everything that I was hoping for in the spring semester was becoming a reality. I was even getting more involved on campus and in my sorority, which lead to me gaining friends every day. Everything that I was wanting college to be like was starting to happen to me, and every bit of stress that I had diminished every day. When I finished my spring semester my GPA raised from a 1.8 to a 2.9 it wasn’t a huge leap but it was definitely progress. I gained multiple scholarships for the next semester of college because I got very involved with a program on campus that gives upcoming freshman tours of the college, and we get to tell the incoming freshman stories of our experiences and help them not have the same problems that we have had over the past year. I even got a position in my sorority and made my spring semester everything that I dreamed of it to
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