First Day Of School Essay

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It all started back on August 24, 2005. That was the first day I was going to experience the taste of school. I woke up around 8 am. The week following up on this day was all preparation. I had bought my first school supplies making sure I got everything that was written on the list given by the school. I had picked out a bag with the character Mickey mouse drawn all over it. The night before school started anxiety started to make me nervous. Finally, after many thoughts and feelings, I slept unconsciously. I woke up the next morning having the shakes and being cold. I got out of bed and took a long warm shower. I got dressed and made sure that I have brushed my teeth knowing I had to make a great first impression on the first day of school. I recall my dad and mom both dropping me off at the bus stop with both of them having tears and waving goodbye for the first day. However, I was happy excited and filled with emotions. I never thought this day would come. As the bus made its way to school fear and anxiety started taking over me. I was afraid how I would do. I didn’t know anybody in my classes. I walked in with all courage and a big smile on my face. As soon as I arrived at school I walked straight to class and everyone’s eyes turned to me. Without paying any attention to them I went straight to the teacher to ask her if it was the right class. With a small clear voice, she said, “Yes. What is your name?”. I told her my name and she checked the student roster and

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