First Day Of School

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The first day of school is supposed to be exciting, you should be a little bit nervous, but that 's normal. Butterflies flutter in your stomach, and what you 're going to wear is key. That 's what it 's supposed to be like. That 's if you 've gone to school with the kids in your district since preschool, or the school is so big that it doesn 't even matter. But when you 're a new kid in a small district, everyone notices. You might as well be wearing a sign, screaming "HEY I AM NEW HERE", plastered to your shirt. Today, I wore an outfit I had gotten while shopping with Emily. I had spent the majority of my morning fussing over Emily 's makeup and my own. Finally, we had gotten on the school bus. Wherever we went, thousands of pairs of eyes stared at us like a forest of owls. It was weird. I had never been stared at before; I 'd always been the gawker. It felt very awful. Emily looked awesome with her dark blue shirt and black denim jeans. I decided to leave my hair done since I am not good at styling my short hair. Emily and I had many experiences while riding the bus. We rode a two-hour bus to get home where we lived before, but for some reason, this ride was different. When the bus finally pulled up to the school, I realized just how small the school really was. There were only 80 kids in my entire graduating class and, only 70 in Emily 's. It was quite daunting. As I walked into the school, I was ushered into a small office by a younger woman. She made eye

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