Personal Narrative: First Day Of High School

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First Day of School “Gemma, there is something that I have been wanting to tell you.” said Calum Hood, as he grabs my hand and puts strands of hair behind my ear. I blush at the thought of Calum saying my name. Me, alone with my favorite singer at the time. I wonder what he could possibly want to tell me. Was it that my kissing skills were terrible? Or even a worse thought, does he want to break up with me? I was hesitant on answering him. But of course, as a human, my curiosity kicked in.
I slowly replied, “Yes, tell me anything you want.”
He proceeds by saying, “Gemma, I am glad that I have gotten to know you. My world has changed significantly and my perspective has shifted tremendously. I wanted to know if you …”
His voice instantly cut off as an alarming sound woke me up. My mother.
“GEMMAAA, ya despiertate!” my
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It was early, and I was not known to be the early bird of the family. I brushed it off because the day has finally arrived. High school. The rush instantly hit my body because I was then filled with joy to start my first day of high school. Excited for the day to begin, I throw the blankets off my body and proceed to get up.
After finishing up my morning routine, I turn and look outside a window. It was official. Summer break has come to an end. But that really did not have much of an effect on me. I was excited. I would begin a new chapter of my life in a new school, surrounded with newer and former classmates. I was mostly excited about how my classes were going to go. I hoped that I wouldn’t receive an insipid teacher that would bore me to sleep. I was then rushed by my mother to go get ready. Giving myself a few moments to think about how my first day would go, I then walked towards my room. I couldn’t decide what to wear. Throwing clothes out the closet onto the floor, I was on mission impossible to decide what school attire was
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