First Egg Drop Lab Report

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For Andrew’s first egg-drop he started off saying that it was important that he made a base for his egg drop. As seen in image, IMG_0312.JP, Andrew is in the process of creating his egg-drop base. The first thing Andrew did to make the base sturdy is taping down popsicle sticks creating an x across the bubble wrap. He told us, “I will make an x out of popsicle sticks because this will create more mass, so there will be more air resistance.” He then proceeds to make a barrier around the ends of the bubble wrap using cardboard tubes as seen in image, IMG_0325.JP. Next, he tapes down four plastic bowls to his base and in the bowls he added cotton balls to support the eggs as shown in image, JPG_0330.JP. Finally, he creates a parachute by using plastic bags and ties them to the base using string. When creating the parachute he told us that, “ the parachute will provide more air resistance” which he said would apply to Newton’s law of motion that states for every reaction there is an equal and opposite reaction.…show more content…
Once he was on the second floor of the Molly art building, he released his egg drop over garbage bags in case of any messes. Once the egg drop reached the ground, we checked it to see if any of the eggs broke. For the first egg drop all three eggs did break. Immediately after Andrew saw that they broke he said, “I know how to fix it next time.” Once back in the classroom, he immediately begins creating his second egg drop, which he completely remodeled. As seen in image, IMG_0373.JP, Andrew’s creation was very different than the first one. For the second trial, he got rid of the base that he had in the first egg drop and instead just put the eggs in a plastic bag filled with multiple cotton balls. He also added multiple parachutes and balloons to the top of the bag to create air

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