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JASMINE EPISODE 35 I woke up in the hospital the next day, my head was so heavy , words cannot describe the pain I feel In my head, I couldn’t raise my head up. At first I couldn’t remember what happened, I was lost, where am I, and why does my head hurt so much? This were the thought running through my mind Few seconds later my memory came back like a flash of light. Oh! The robbery, the gunshot, Kemi was shot, I was raped, and this must be a hospital. Oh my God I hope Kemi is alive, I tried to stand up but I couldn’t, my head feels so heavy… “What do you think you are doing miss, where are you going trying to stand up” a nurse said as she enters the room “You are in the hospital and you have suffered serious head injury, so just try and relax, you shouldn’t stand up now” she added as she adjusted the bed for me so I could lie down with my head raised up “Please, was any other lady brought in together with me?” I asked anxiously “Yes, a lady with a gunshot wound was brought in too” she answered “How is she, is she alive?” I asked “She barely survived, she had lost so much blood by the time she arrived here and her pulse was very weak too. The doctors have managed to remove the bullet, thank God the bullet didn’t hit any vital organ” she explained “So where is she now, can I see her?” I asked “She is still unconscious, though the surgery…show more content…
But it is real, I was raped again and this time by two criminal and my friend almost died trying to save me….Lord why me again, was the first experience not enough, have I not learnt enough from the first experience, is the mess in my life not enough or do you just derive Joy in seeing me suffer, you promised to not to allow us to be tempted beyond what we can overcome or handle, Father this is beyond what I can handle or comprehend…but at least save Kemi first and we will settle our own matter

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