First Feelings Book Summary

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First Feelings:
1. What interests you so far…. or deters you from reading?
This book interests me over all. Any book you read about the world loosing structure and all morals of a civilization being lost is intriguing. To think of something like this happening to our world would be crazy. The strength and education it takes to survive is substantial and I wonder if this did take place, would I be one to survive? Hig the main character survived the flu that had hit the United States. The flu outbreak was caused by a plane crash containing a sample of the flu that was being transported to a lab. Hig lost his wife and child to the flu, when reading the author made it so it was easy to put yourself in Higs shoes to really see the reality of what had happened and the future of what was to come. The idea that Hig has to patrol the air night and day before he can even go hunting for food is unimaginable. As well as the fact that he no longer will sleep inside due to the danger of being trapped. Just by reading the first chapter of this book I became interested in the story and its
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Infrastructure is key to maintain a stable society and Dog Stars shows just how easily one can fall apart without it. The absence of things we take for granted today such as food, heat and electricity can lead to atrocity. Without convenience stores left or the ones that are left raided of all food and supplies the need to hunt arises, as well the need to learn how to grow and preserve food. Without infrastructure there are no rules, no one to make the rules and when years go by and all the things to hunt for are gone or depleted the people left become another source of survival. Dog Stars presents the theme of a society without infrastructure and clearly establishes the need for people to be less dependant on it because of how much harder it will make survival if anything like this is to
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