First Foster Home

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Try to imagine a world where there are children, teenagers and adults living in the streets trying to fight to live and survive, many kids trying to fend for themselves. Many reasons being on why they can’t live in their homes: being parental issues, peer pressure, etc. Making it very hard for children to survive and causing many deaths, suicide, and murder. This Research paper is going to tell you all about the history, effects, and solutions people have used, this global problem that’s happening everywhere in the world causing millions of deaths, even if it’s on purpose or accident.

When did foster care start and who was the first foster kid?
Foster care is a ‘home’ for children who don’t have their parent to take care of them and
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Early in 1562, these laws allowed the a place for poor children into a learning service until they get older. This practice was moved to the United States and was the beginning of placing children into homes. Even though they taught how to treat a child, the service allowed abuse and exploitation, it was a step towards the almshouses where children didn’t learn a trade and were showed to awful surroundings and dangerous adults. numerous forms of enslaving children to go on into the first decade of that century. In 1636, less than thirty years after the founding of the Jamestown Colony, at the age of seven, Benjamin Eaton became this nation's first foster child. In 1853, Charles Loring Brace began the free foster home movement. A minister and director of the New York Children's Aid Society, Brace was concerned about the large number of immigrant children.( and…show more content…
When 22 percent of any child population flees the system which adults have provided to keep them safe, something is wrong. These youth may have insights the rest of us fail to see. Studies show foster care is a highway to health problems, homelessness, early pregnancy, arrest, incarceration, and sex trafficking. And those are the lucky kids. Foster care alumni are five times more likely to commit suicide and eight times more likely to be hospitalized for a serious deranged disorder. This evidence shows that many of the traumatic things the kids go through can lead to suicide.(

What are the effects on neglect?
An increasing number of young children are being placed in foster care because of parental neglect. Neglect has very profound and long-lasting consequences on all aspects of child development—poor attachment formation, under stimulation, developmental delay, poor physical development, and antisocial behavior.
Recent findings explain that infant mental health show how development can be helped, how treatment can enhance brain development and psychological health, and how prevent strategies can make kids effect’s of neglect.
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