First Generation Students

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First-Generation Students to Academic Success Research shows that in the Washington post a reporter by the name of Linda Bank-Santali stated that over 4.5 Million First –Generation Students have enrolled in a post-secondary institution in the United States (Bank-Santali, 2015, para. ). Not all First –Generation College Students are all the same but many experience difficulty with four distinct domains 1) professional 2) financial 3) psychological 4) academic. First Generation Students have a lot on their plates and face many obstacles that keep them from succeeding in college. There are many Barriers that first generation students face such as Low-Income status, Lack of Motivation and Low-Self Esteem. This research has raised awareness on …show more content…

As First-Generation students we face low-self-esteem because some can’t take the rejection from there class mates take me for an example I’m the type of student that took classes online because I felt like I would be judge on how I looked and my size and I how I would comprehend the work that’s where myself –doubt came in at I really felt out of place coming back to school ,This is some of what the first-generation students deal with and think about when wanting to come back to school. Some first-generation students’ parents that have earned their degree they also often see college as a way to bring honor to their families and showing that they also want a better life as they parents did to show that anything is possible as long as you try your best and never be afraid to ask for help or even ask questions there’s no wrong or right answers to college life if you know better than you defiantly do

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