First Generation Women In Colonial America Summary

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In the book “First Generations Women in Colonial America” by Carol Berkin explains to us how women back then were treated differently from now. They experienced awful situations. Carol explains that back then men thought that’s their wives were considered as their land. Men believed that once they married a woman that they could do anything to them and treat them the way they wanted. Men had no respect to women. Now a day’s men’s and women are treated equally and no one is considered as each other’s property. Men and women have the same rights as everyone else. Theirs laws and those laws must be respected and followed. During colonial times, most women had to marry someone so that they wouldn’t be considered as nothing in life. In other words, …show more content…

They had no right to take over their husband’s wealth unless he had said so. Their husband had to write a letter saying that his lands and money would be kept to her. Otherwise everything would have been transferred to their family. For example, “Marry Cole” had to marry someone to fit in with any position. Women here were observed to be the perfect example for not having the same rights as men. So, after this finally showed up everywhere women had decided to have their own freedom and leave their worst lives that they experience behind and decided to take a new name for themselves. They decided to move somewhere else because they had small opportunities or maybe none for example they couldn’t own no place or take over something big as them being in charge for something. Also in this case women couldn’t make “judgement” under their own money making (Berkin 14). During colonial times women couldn’t speak or make any comments. But while women had a husband they seem to have some respect but not much respect and decided to return to their master rather than heading back because they knew that if they left they wouldn’t have nothing and knew it might have been too risky. Overall Berkin shows how women weren’t having the same respect as their

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