First Grade Esl Observation

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I am currently working with a first grade ESL student, and she is learning the alphabet and sounds. Mrs. Marasigan instructed me to practice the alphabet with the student and provided the flash cards. During the lesson, I pointed to the cards and asked the student “what letter is this” or “what sound does this letter make”? The student knew 24 letters and confused U and Y for V. The student will need more practice on the sounds because she produced the J sound for G, C sound for S and Q sound for W. The short term goal for the first-grade student recognizes the entire alphabet with the correspond sound. The long term goal is spelling simple words such as cat and dog. The second activity was a fluency assessment for a second-grade class. 12 students are not reading at grade level and will have weekly evaluations. The students will be instructed to read the sight words, spell words, and read 85 words in 1 minute. As the students are reading, the mispronounce words are circled and are given the worksheet to practice at home. The students could practice the worksheet by themselves, parent, or guardian. The students will need to pass all three steps to move onto the next level, and each level will become harder. My goal for the second graders is for…show more content…
When speaking, she uses conjunctions and singular nouns. The student can understand simple directions such as sitting down and writing her name. The student is learning basic knowledge and will need more time to grasp the first-grade concepts. The second-grade students are developing grade level standards in reading, speaking and listening. The students are reading out loud which will improve their comprehension and reading accuracy. The student understands the directions and can identify the key details in the passage. The sight words and spelling words correspond with the

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