First Impression Of Three Day Road By Elijah

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in an English accent in the last days... it's like he wants to become something he is not"(76). He does this in attempt to remove himself from being Native. If he can get rid of his accent, it is one step closer to being like everyone else. Throughout his time in the trenches, Elijah uses this accent and common words that are used by British people in attempt to impress his comrades. He is even complemented by Thompson who says "you do a better British accent than a Brit"(137). He says this after Elijah has used the accent on multiple occasions for a long periods of time. He says popular quotes such as " right-o... bloody good"(137). His way of becoming closer with the people around him is to help them, befriend them, or impress them in any …show more content…

He allows himself to be manipulated by Grey Eyes, who makes him feel as though he needs to try morphine to treat his then sea sickness. Morphine should only be used for serious injury. Elijah allows himself to be persuaded into trying this substance without fully knowing the consequences of his actions. Xavier explains the moment Elijah first abuses this substance with the help and supply of Grey Eyes," ...placing the sharp needle along the vein of Elijah's arm and pushing it slow so that Elijah feels the tug and burn under the skin"(126). He feels ashamed as he admits this to Xavier, but that will not be the only time he uses it. As time begins to pass, Elijah starts to crave the feeling that he found through using morphine. He blames his stress for his dependency on the drug and he tries to justify his apparent need for it, ".. Elijah truly considers trying morphine again tonight. He tells himself it is because of the bad feeling he's got about this raid"(145). He is in denial about his addiction starting to evolve, so instead he uses his real life issues in attempt to justify his craving. He even goes as far as to going to a direct source of medicine, a medic named Driscoll. He asks him "Can you spare the tiniest bit of M? I've got a big job to do tonight and I'm afraid I wont perform too well for the pain." (146) He is turned away and even slightly threatened that a report to McCann his higher up, will happen. Elijah becomes very dependent on it very quickly and stops at nothing to get what he wants. He eventually gets a huge dosage of morphine for a minor concussion and a bruised arm. This is a huge mistake by Medic Driscoll who quickly jumps to giving him a large dosage of morphine, neglecting their previous encounter where a hint of possible addiction was evident. When Elijah injects himself with Morphine he

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