First Knight Launcelot Character Analysis

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Launcelot is not deserving of the title “greatest night of the round table” because he does not follow many aspects of the Medieval Chivalric Code, most prominently he does not respect women and he does not maintain his principles. In the book, “Le Morte D’Arthur” by Keith Baines, and the movie, “First Knight”, Launcelot does not show respect the women he meets. In First Knight, when Launcelot first meets Gwynevere, he immediately starts to harass her saying that the only prize needs for saving her life is her. He continues to tell her this even after she has told him that she is engaged, and on her way to see King Arthur, the man she is marrying. Launcelot still pursues her and kisses her even though she clearly does not want him to. If Launcelot respected Gwynevere, he wouldn’t have continued to harass her and, ultimately kiss her against her protests. In Le Morte D’Arthur, Launcelot…show more content…
In First Knight, Launcelot explains to Gwynevere that he likes to be on his own because he lets him be free and control his life. Then King Arthur asks him to become one of the knights of the round table. Launcelot accepts even though this would require him to stay in Camelot, even though he doesn’t believe in staying in one place. This choice rejects one of his main principles, and one of the most important aspects of the Medieval Chivalric Code is staying true to one’s principles. Another example of Launcelot abandoning his principles is when he wears Elaine’s token to the tournament in Le Morte D’Arthur. Launcelot is known for not wearing a token, but in order to achieve a disguise, Launcelot wears the token: “‘My fair lady, I have never worn a taken at a tournament! You ask me to do what I have never done before.’” (Baines, 441). Launcelot wouldn’t have worn the token no matter what if he truly followed his principles, but because he did, it shows that he does not follow the Chivalric

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