First Ladies: Eleanor Roosevelt As A Social Activist

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Eleanor was one of the first First ladies to take advantage of her husband 's career and make one of her own. Despite following in the footsteps of Lady Wilson, Eleanor was the first wife to publicly stand by her husband 's side and show her interest in politics and activism and expanded the role of First Lady even more. “Eleanor Roosevelt raised the bar of expectations into the stratosphere for future first ladies by completely transforming the role into a position focused on communication, social activism, and political partnership. As a woman with a vision and an independent mind, Eleanor dedicated herself to ambitious campaigns aimed at expanding basic human rights not only at home, but also abroad"(Eddins, 2016). Although Lady Roosevelt preferred to be involved in activism, she tended to some aspects of the traditional hostess role.…show more content…
Along with her husband, they discussed topics of racial discrimination such as lynching and wage gaps (Eleanor Roosevelt and Civil rights). "Racial justice did not always concern Eleanor Roosevelt. Although she began her social activism working with the immigrant communities of the Rivington Street Settlement House in 1903, ER began to recognize racial discrimination only after she moved to the White House in 1933"(Eleanor Roosevelt and Civil rights). She directed her husband 's attention onto these issues that she felt were truly unjust. She was able to persuade him to tend to these specific issues more so than
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