First Ladies Roles

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“I would desire that you Remember the Ladies” (Mayo 16), the ladies who have paved a path for all women to follow. Much more than a spouse, first ladies harbor indefinite tasks - helping push America forward. Through time, all forty-four first ladies have defined their own roles - fitting them to their own personality, interests and expectations of the generation. The first lady is more than simply the president 's wife. On occasion people consulted her on issues when they felt the president was too busy (Caroli) and in return these women also offered advice to the president despite the little power they possessed (Matuz), courtesy of the Constitution. Many see the first lady as an extension of the president (Caroli). However, not all presidents…show more content…
First ladies play an important role in American life. From century to century the roles the women uphold have changed throughout time. “Today the first lady takes positions, works for causes, makes public appearances and speeches and often is an important figure in her own right.” Modern first ladies (E. Roosevelt, J. Kennedy, R. Carter) began to turn a new page in history when they began openly fighting for political issues on their personal behalf (Diller and Robertson 143). Today, many first ladies assume multiple roles, in addition to her social role. The twentieth century, modern first ladies act as a campaigner, to the press, extension of the president, contributor to Domestic and Foreign Policy programs, as well as still being an active hostess and supporter of the President. Modern first ladies also receive an office, budget and staff to help them execute these roles. The first lady’s staff consists of aids who help with scheduling, handle correspondence, and undertake writing speeches (Matuz). The campaigning role of the First Lady is one of the more important roles in Modern Times. The campaign is an important part in the race to the White House, and the involvement of the first lady is a huge part of it. Today, the first lady has to campaign nearly as extensively as her husband, for the position (Diller and Robertson 145). The first lady is more than the wife to the President. She is a woman of poise, elegance and influence stemming from the creation of her own image - seen through the eyes of the American
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