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Not My President
As a wife a preacher, often times, "first lady," is often used to describe my "position" in the church. There are a few things incorrect and misleading concerning the secular term. Firstly, there is not one example in the entirety of the Bible where a woman is given the title "First Lady" let alone the office of such. Secondly, this title gives honor where honor is not due. It esteems the wife of a minister to a position that suggests her fellow brethren are in a way, beneath her; the title itself is enough to question whether or not there is a hierarchy in church leadership. Speaking of leadership, the little also suggests that aside from being a disciple of Christ, the wife of a preacher has much authority in the church as an elder--this is false (See my previous articles: A Women 's Role in the Church Part I, II, III).
Surely while the preacher 's family may be the most visible family in the congregation only because he is the preacher, the title of "First Lady" draws undue attention to the wife and carries with it characteristics that are opposed to the spirit of meekness. Unless my husband becomes the President of the United States, "First Lady" is a title that I will always sincerely oppose. Why would a believer want to be a "first" anything? Seth Michael is
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Reverend is defined "as a title of respect applied or prefixed to the name of a member of the clergy or a religious order" and "worthy to be revered; entitled to reverence." It is nothing short of arrogant for any human being to wear a title suggesting he/she is worthy to be revered. Consider why God answered the prayers of Jesus in Hebrews 5:7: "…Jesus offered up prayers and supplications…and he was heard because of his reverence"[ESV]. The definition and example of humility is found in Philippians 2:5-11. In conclusion, Matthew 18:4, to avoid Luke 14:11. Therefore 1 Peter
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