First Love: Song Analysis Of 'Love At War'

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Karina Pasian. “16 @ War”. First Love. June 16, 2009 16 @ War is the first song you hear when you listen to my album, I choose it to be first because it introduces the things that teenage girls in low poverty neighborhoods and household go though. In the song she states, “ Aint no fathers where I’m from, just mad mothers”. This helps the focus of the album by illustrating the kind of place she lives, and how her father could be non-present for several reason like, he could be in jail or even dead, because in places like where she lives it is a common thing, Pasain later on goes to explain that the males that she does know are not great father figures because in a line of the song she states “ Why am I being disrespected by someone I should call brother?” Another line she states while singing this song is “ And why girls feel unpretty and constantly hate each other”. Which is disheartening because basically you get the feeling of a 16 year old girl going through life by herself, she already stated the mothers are “mad” the fathers are gone and the other males figures treat her like an object and disrespect her, and the girls she can relate to about this hate each other, The most important line she states is “ And eyes that still seem, they can 't look past color”. This shows that racial tension is still in the community she lived in and she is aware of it and tired of it. This song was made in 2009 but it is still relevant in 2017 because not much has changed since she

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