First Modice In Jane Austen's Pride And Prejudice

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Jane Austen was born in Steventon, England, in 1775. She was an English novelist. Her books can be viewed most simply as good romance novel .In today’s time her work is considered one of the best. She is the writer of many successful novels such as sense and sensibility, Emma, Pride and prejudice which is Jane Austen’s most popular novel. The original version was called first impression but then it was changed by Austen to pride and prejudice. The title Pride and prejudice focuses on the main them of the novel which traces pride and prejudice as two human traits. These traits can be seen respectively in the relationship of Mr. Darcy and Ms. Elizabeth Bennet. The two characters have pride and prejudice respectively. Charles bingley, a rich single man moves to the estate of Netherfield, which causes quite a stir the area occupants are excited, particularly Mrs. Bennet, who plans to wed one of her five girls to him. At the point when the Bennet girls meet him at a neighborhood ball, they are awed by his cordial identity and his excellent manners. But they are disappointed, by…show more content…
Jane, obviously, acknowledges, and Mrs. Bennet's celebration is just decreased by her bothering at Darcy's incidental vicinity. In the mean time, Elizabeth's satisfaction for her sister is hindered by a visit from Lady Catherine De Bourgh, who has heard talk that Darcy and Elizabeth are locked in, which they are most certainly not. She addresses Elizabeth on the rashness of such a match, and afterward requests that Elizabeth make a guarantee to not to acknowledge any proposition from Darcy. Elizabeth can't, creating Lady Catherine to inform Darcy regarding Elizabeth's audacity and to admonish him about the habit of an engagement between them. Woman Catherine's portrayal of Elizabeth's reaction to her requests gives Darcy trust that Elizabeth has had a change of heart. He proposes again and Elizabeth joyfully
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