First Moon Landing Fake?

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Moon landings Essay There has been a question asked for many years and that question is, was the first moon landing fake or real. The year that the so called first moon landing was 1969. During 1963 John F. Kennedy was the president and started the race for the first man on the moon. Also during this time the Vietnam war was going on. Most everyone knows that the company that sent the rocket up was called NASA. We also know that if the moon landing was real Neil Armstrong was the first man on the moon. Another thing we know if the moon landings were real they sent two people up with him and one of them filmed the landing.

Well, my opinion on the matter is that the moon landings were faked by NASA. The rest of this essay is going to be
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Evidence that supports this fact is that for one they filmed Neil Armstrong at an angle that wouldn’t have been possible unless they filmed it in this fake moon environment. Also, they had some pictures of some backgrounds that were taken and all the pictures have the same exact background, but they were taken miles away from each other. Also, in some of the pictures they took on the moon, the pictures had no stars when space has stars everywhere.

My third piece of evidence that will be supporting my claim statement is that even though JFK promised to get a man on the moon it could have been faked to prevent embarrassment. Evidence that supports this fact is that we we’re in last place and the president didn’t want to look like he lied to the U.S. when he made the promise so he could have faked it. Also if we came in last place the other countries could have made fun of us. Another fact that backs this up is that if we came in last the people of the U.S. could have thought we couldn’t trust our government and president
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