First Occupations Of Georgia Essay

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What were some of the occupations of the first settlers of Georgia? Some of the occupations of the first settlers of Georgia, the Trustee’s, was to ban Catholics and Jews because they were not apart of their religion so they did not want them to be in their presence. James Oglethorpe was wanting to build colonies and so at the time he was in Britain and he and twenty other men were suppose to go over to Georgia and make the Colonies, but the other people decided that they were to royal and to good to be working with poor people, so they decided to sit in England and run the colony there. But on the other hand James Oglethorpe was the only one, out of twenty who even bothered to come over here. 2) Why did the Trustee’s specifically choose some…show more content…
The incentives were that they would get: 50 acres of land, One year supply of food, and free seed and agricultural supplies for a year. They worked hard because they were going to get all of these things, and they knew if they did not then they would be sent on a 90 day voyage all the way back and they would have to be stuck without anything. Back then people could tell if you were rich if you had a lot of land and a nice house, but the thing is that they could not tell if they had a better house or not because everyone’s house looked the exact same. 3) What happened to many of the first settlers within a few years of their arrival? What reasons can you think led to their fate? The settlers did not want to come over here in the first place, but James Oglethorpe gave them incentives to come. The settlers decided that they wanted to go back to England and rule the colony from there and not have to worry about what anyone did. During the travel it took ninety days to get from Georgia to England and so when they get back they do not really do anything except sit around and think that they are better than everybody

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