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Introduction The first permanent molar is considered the key of occlusion. Its preservation is mandatory to maintain a proper inter-occlusal relationship. It is early loss leads to decrease the chewing capacity of this side by 40-45%. Caries incidence of first permanent molar is common in children. It is due to several factors. First, the morphology of its occlusal surface has deep pits and fissures. Second, its early eruption may be considered as a prime cause of its high caries incidence especially due to the fact that most of parents don not recognize its presence due to its early eruption date without a predecessor and the common misperception that eruption sequence of permanent teeth starts from anterior to posterior area. Furthermore, its posterior position in the oral cavity which may be adjacent to a carious primary molar. All these mentioned factors increase the incidence of many children seeking restorations, root canal treatment or even early extractions of first permanent molar to relieve pain. Restoration of endodontically treated teeth is a clinical dilemma facing operators daily. The dilemma is much more complicated when related to young children with major loss of tooth structure as a result of caries and access cavity preparation.…show more content…
It eliminated the need for intra-canal retainer support as it uses the pulp chamber cavity for retention. The technique was first described in 1995 by Pissi as a mono-block porcelain technique, while Bindl and Mormann in 1999 described the name endocrown for the 1st time. Endocrowns are indicated in many cases as excessive loss of coronal dental tissue and limited inter-occlusal space. This type of restoration mainly depends on macro-mechanical retention provided by the pulpal cavity and micro-retention by adhesive resin

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