First Person Narrative In Robinson Crusoe

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In Foe, as in Robinson Crusoe, we encounter a first person narrative. In both books, the voice that we read is the voice of the main character. This is really important for the study of truth because it involves more than just a narrative: “the way in which a story is told affects our understanding of what that story is; the rhetorical features of historical narration restrict some interpretations of the narrated events and enable others. As Dorrit Cohn reminds us, however, historical narratives are “subject to judgments of truth and falsity,” while fictional narratives are “immune to such judgments” The use of a first person narrative is often used in science-fictions, fantastic and fantasy and also heroic novels. This technique is employed when the reader can doubt the narrator’s integrity. If we take an example as Dracula , the reason of this method is more obvious: it tells facts. People know that vampires do not exist. Readers tend to doubt what he read since it is not something they are aware of. A first person narrative is more trustful because we are in the…show more content…
He is the one delivering the story and there is no reason to doubt. Or is there? In a third person narrative, we appreciate what we call the stream of consciousness. This is the idea that we have a direct access to the character’s mind, without any filter from the narrator. But is the narrator reliable? There is no proof of that when it is a third person narrative, and this lack of evidence grows even stronger when it comes to a first person narrative: a character could lie about absolutely everything. Some books even play with this, for example this young adult book titled Liar, written by Justine Larbalestier, where the narrator admits that she will probably lie through the entire book. It makes the narrative unbelievable and even when important events are shared or when we encounter some emotions, we tend to doubt

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