Life Of Pi First Person Perspective Analysis

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Pi just have a irritative life with his special experience. The feeling of him when ship sank, the time he spent on the lifeboat with the wild animals……impressed me a lot. In the novel “Life of Pi”, Pi is telling the his experience by his own. Sometimes I feel like I am a character in the novel. The whole novel is in the first person perspective. Yann Martel uses the first person perspective in “Life of Pi” to explain the events more detail, to strengthen the feeling of the character, and to enhance the emotion of the readers.
First person perspective is important because it helps Pi explain the details of the first time Pi gets on the lifeboat. It is a new environment, so he doesn’t know what to do. He describes his surroundings, “It landed with a loud crash on the last bench, smashing it and shaking the whole lifeboat……put out at the highest pitch of distress” (Yann Martel chapter 39) When Pi is on the lifeboat, he observed some details around him. He was worried whether
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It expresses the mood of the character and also let the readers get into this emotion. When Pi suddenly realized the ship sank, he felt “Everything is screaming: the sea, the wind, and my heart.” (Yann Martel chapter 37). He decried the external environment, and also his psychological environment. He use “screaming” to describe his feeling. He was freaking out so much. Yann Martel use the first person perspective to let character to describe his feeling by himself. It make the situation in the book closer to the reader. if that is in the third person perspective, the feeling of the book will pull away from the reader. It will only describe the environment, not let the reader also feeling the same way with the character. In the first person perspective, it let the reader brought into the book. It is like the reader is the character. Therefore, Yann Martel use the first person perspective to enhance the emotion of the
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