First Person Point Of View Analysis

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First-person story or also called as first person point of view is a form of story which you tell your reader through a viewpoint character by using ‘I’ or ‘We’. The main source of the story is the story teller itself. Every detail of your story must be filtered through the story teller. The selecting of main character as narrator has very greater impact to the storyline. The narrator itself must fulfil all the criteria which will be much useful to the story development. For instance, the author cannot choose their main character from a person who cannot see, touch, hear, taste, think, know or feel it. If you want to introduce something outside the range of your main character, you can use words or observed actions of other character who is in a position to see the events so that the reader can have the information that you want to convey. To be emphasized, the point of view character do not know others character’s thoughts or unspoken feelings.

Reader loves to read using first point of view as they feel close to the character and can understand the storyline very well as they know the source of information here is the main
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Plus, by using first person point of view, writer can open up some interesting plot possibilities which allowing them for plot twist later on. First point of view also let the writers create their own styles and variations in writing. For example, writer can include scenes in third person in a first person storyline. Another type of styles are Rashamon effect( style of multiple first person), sequential multiple viewpoint(trade chapters between several characters more or less chronologically) and separate multiple viewpoint (stories which seem to have no direct relation to each other, but reach the same conclusion or become part of the same bigger
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