First Person Shot Analysis

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First person shooter (FPS) is a type of video game in which the player aims and shoots at targets, and the graphics displayed are seen from the viewpoint of the shooter. In the article “Origins of the First-Person Shooter”, Alexander Galloway is trying to contrast the differences between the first person perspective in game and film, by offering few examples throughout the history of film.

In order to explain the unique of FPS, Galloway discusses two kinds of film shot. The point of view (POV) which is quite common in filming and an unusual shooting style-subjective shot. POV is a short scene that shows what the character is approximately looking at or looking in some direction. The subjective shot is a more deep shot, It "can see exactly what the character sees as if the camera “eye” were the same as the character"(p.1073). But the subjective shot is often considered to be jarring and unnatural in filming.
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It 's a film that shot through the character, Phillip Marlowe 's, eyes. But it failed because the effect is weird. Why? Galloway states that it 's because the character eyes in the film are limited and it can 't really tell a complete
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