First Settlers In New Mexico

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Originally, the first settlers in new Mexico are group of uncivilized Paleo-Indians in Clovis Culture. It was named Clovis culture because archeologist found the stone in Clovis, New Mexico. Later,around 12th century BCE,the inhabitants like Ancestral Pueblo and Mogollon people started their own civilization and created their cultures. Due to the climate changes, years by years, Pueblo people have been modernized themselves in the 16th century. The inhabitants such as Pueblo in majority, Navajo and Apache settled in a village along Rio Grande river. Meanwhile, Pueblo in New Mexico aren’t solely improving themselves, in 1540, the first European who arrived New Mexico is Spanish conquistador under command of Francisco Vásquez de Coronado. Initially, the conquistador Francisco Vasquez de Coronado was bearing the expedition of Seven Cities of Gold, but they failed the expedition. Last, they must have their hands full while back to his home country.Therefore, they claimed New Mexico for Spain. Soon, Spain officially…show more content…
During that time,New Mexico was part of Mexico. Nevertheless, Santa Fe Trail played an important role as it established trade along the route and also provided a good and fast transportation from United States to West. In 1846, the border disagreement between Texas and Mexico led to Mexican-American War. Mexicans were unexperienced,poorly equipped and poor leadership.Therefore, United States won the war.The war ended with Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo.The treaty must be fully credited to Nicholas P.Trist who had a high patience and encouragement even though President Polk ordered him to cancel the commission with Mexico. In 1850, New Mexico was under territory of United States. In the civil war, Native Americans fought against the Union troops that the land belongs to them. Battles were went though. In 1863, Kit Carson and Union troops forced Navajo to surrender the
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