First Stone Characters

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All stories have a protagonist and then the minor character's. Protagonist, the main characters stand by character. Although we already know that every book contains minor characters, But do your know they are their for a reason. Minor characters who have been involved with the main character's make their thoughts and opinions on them. How the minor character's act, how they reflect the protagonist's personality and how they change them in a way as well as perceive. Minor character's do that. Minor characters symbolize a lot in the story. As they develop the main characters and provide us signs of the theme. The First Stone written by Don Aker, contains characters that contributed to the development of Reef by using Scar, Alex ,and Jink.…show more content…
Throughout the story, Jink seems to be very uncaring and immature. But Jink makes Reef realise his mistakes.. “I was worried, but I was afraid too. Until then, I had no idea how bad a body could be broken.” (Aker, 70). A sudden thought makes Reef change when Jink gets into the accident, he sees how badly hurt Jink was. Jink had made Reef realise something unintentionally. He made him think about his mistakes, that changes his thought on Leeza. How he had hurt her, how he did know but didn't care. The one thing that changed Reef was by seeing Jink, how he got hurt, how people had hurt him. Aker states, without Jink getting hurt, Reef would never realise how badly someone could get hurt. When Jink, had gotten hurt, it made Reef angry, he didn't like how people had hurt him. This connect to how Reef had hurt Leeza, and made him realize how he had hurt Leeza. How people had the right to be angry at him for a reason. In the beginning, Reef knew he had hurt Leeza but he didn't care as much until he saw his own best friend hooked up to monitors and all broken.. After all, Reef had admit he was sorry for what he did was wrong. Not only to change him, but also makes him realise how a person could get destroyed. Therefore, Jink made Reef feel a feeling he had never felt before, feeling sorry for what he had done and releasing it in the end until someone close too him had the same thing
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