First Stone Monologue

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Hello Tam,

I'm smiling:), because this really looks strange to me, still trying it out and I also do believe in it, and I don't know what to say or do, but it was really nice of you to email me, and wanting to know more about me, but firstly I will start by saying thank you so much for the interest, wink back & forth, and thanks for wanting to know more about me just like I want to know more about you, also to answer your questions, what else would I request from in knowing one another if not with honesty; I really don't know where to begin talking about myself, hopefully this questions would be of great help sharing more about myself with you...?I'm smiling:) again and I do not know where to begin in my questioning at the present other than
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or Goals to be?
I will still be praising God, happily married, settled in my career, starting my own business, home owner, and going on cruises having fun.
-Last book you read?
I read ?Casting the First Stone? by Kimberla Lawson Roby. It is about a pastor and his wife brake up. His faith gone astray and the love of money becomes the root of is evilness.
-What are your Pep peeves?
I have gain a habit of occasionally laughing to myself and get embarrass when people catch me doing it. I also sing a sometimes at work. A song just comes in my mind, and before I know it, I get so into it and start singing where people can hear me without being aware it until I notice someone is looking. They either laugh or smile, but I get totally embarrass. I have not done these things before living alone. I guess it is God?s way of keeping me cheery in living alone. Like the bible says, God works in mysterious ways and he definitely has a sense of humor. Overall, I do not mine because it keeps me young and vibrant. People think I do not have a care in the world.
-Describe yourself as others see
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I want the best for myself and the person who I am with. I am the youngest child and was spoiled, and end up doing the same with my child. In my adult life, I had to learn how to do without some things, but have not giving up. Whatever I have, I take excellent care of it; especially myself. I had too much pride and it comes back now and then, but God had showed me how to be humble, and I thank him for that. He takes care of me far better than I can. However, at times the devil gets in my head and tells me, I should be far ahead in life material wise. Sometimes I think about people who is not so mortality great and wonder why they are doing so much better than I. However, I feel better when God tells me, don?t give up because I am going to build your house on solid grounds and make your life

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