First They Came Short Story

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When analyzing the two pieces of literature, “First They Came,” written by Pastor Martin Niemoller, and the short story “Terrible Things,” by Eve Bunting, there is noticeable connections but there are also many differences. To begin, one is a short story and one is a poem, which is already divergent on its own. There is also other examples such as the diction that the authors use, the syntax, and the use of symbols. Though unalike in various ways, they are also very analogous in the way of common theme. Pastor Martin Niemoller’s work of literature is titled “First They Came.” This piece is identified as a poem, which is defined in the Longman Dictionary as a piece of literature that expresses emotions, experiences, ideas, especially in short lines using a rhyme scheme, but not always. On the other hand, Eve Bunting’s piece is titled “Terrible Things,” which is a short story, but more specifically an allegory. The purpose of Eve Bunting writing “Terrible Things” in the way that she did was to tell a story that can be interpreted to reveal a hidden meaning, but while keeping the audience entertained. “First They Came” was written to…show more content…
In “First They Came,” the diction was subjective, denotative, and figurative, which is very unique in itself considering it was only fifteen lines long. In “Terrible Things,” the diction was all very denotative and straight to the point. For example, in the poem, figurative language is used in the sentence, “Then they came for me and there was no one left to speak out for me.” The entire poem is written subjectively, the unabridged poem is all emotional and really giving an insight on the regrets that people such as the Pastor have. When analyzing the allegory, it is direct and denotative. All of the dialogue that the characters throughout the story deliver are undeviating. The diction of these two pieces of work contribute to the common
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