First They Killed My Father Analysis

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There was book and movie that I heard is “First They Killed My Father”, by Loung Ung. This book and movie was about the perspective of herself as a little girl, and her family. Her family lives in a third world country and then had to be imported by soldiers. Also, as from the title, she then loses her father and mother too from leaving a camp she was in. These moments in the book are memorizing but relatable to another book, “Understanding Politics”. This is a textbook I am reading, and a few moments in this textbook’s chapters are relatable. Let me first tell you a few moments that caught my eyes, and then I’ll show the relatable moments from the book and movie, to this textbook.
The first scene that I first got my eye on from the book is, the soldiers are forcing the families to leave their home City. From the very first 3 chapters she talks about, that when she was at first at home she didn 't discovered, the soldiers are kicking families out of their homes, workers out of their jobs, and even the sick from the hospitals. This is very depressing to me because it shows a little bit of this third world country being in war with People Like Us. To me it 's showing just like in the textbook about legitimacy Authority. It proves that its legitimacy Authority by the third world country 's government is deciding him to try their best to keep all of there people safe, but also finding new recruits for their military to try to fight for their country for that being said if one of
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