First Thoughts In The Zombie Apocalypse: This Sucks

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First Thoughts in the Zombie Apocalypse: This Sucks The zombie apocalypse is a fate that modern entertainment seems obsessed with exploring. It seems every summer a new hit blockbuster appears, covering the horrific details of yet another fictional outbreak of a disease which turns humans into mindless, cannibalistic shells of their former selves. The appeal of these stories is obvious – not only is the thought of our loved ones becoming mindless animals titillating and terrifying, when one watches these films one begins to question whether he or she could survive such an ordeal. The struggles are arduous, and many; could our society manage to work together against a common enemy, could it manage to exterminate those who were once loved family…show more content…
However, this is harder than it sounds, especially when an, “every man for himself,” philosophy pervades the apocalyptic atmosphere. In a world where the human race is at risk of extinction, “communitarianism [or] the ideas that societies prosper most and best when citizens cooperate,” (Murray) seems the best solution when faced with the challenge of joining together as a force against zombies. Yet fear affects every individual differently, and the zombie apocalypse would certainly cause a healthy amount of fear. Society, while attempting to fight against an overwhelming enemy, would also have to fight those who would rather do what was best for themselves instead of the collective whole. These individuals, rejecting the communitarian’s ideals of, “[putting] the needs of the society above their own individual desires,” (Murray) are ultimately hurting the whole and themselves. If society wishes to survive the apocalypse, a solution must be found to deal with the individualists. Aftermath: What Do I Do With the Bodies in My Backyard? If the zombie apocalypse from the movies jumped out of the screens and into society, society could be able to survive. However, the struggles of killing strangers, loved ones, and uniting as a community would have to be overcome to make sure the Earth would not be overrun by zombies

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