First Time Driving Research Paper

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First Time Driving

I’ve always had a slight fear of driving. But my mom and dad pushed me to try driving officially without the “help” from my older brother. Which was my very first time driving, which did not go well, but once I tried with my dad’s help I felt very comfortable driving. Now that I feel comfortable driving and knowing what I need to do, I’m more excited about driving. People should not assume, or make a final decision on something when you have never done it, things are not always what they seem.

It was a gloomy day, it just stopped raining in the morning. My family and I all had a day off of work and school except for my brother. My mom had to go to the fair to enter in people’s working hours so she had us all join her. “Oh! Jessie, you should go get your learners.” My mom suggested to me.

“Eh, I don’t know, I don’t really feel like it.” I have always been
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I got out and moved up front. My dad drove us down to where the carnival rides normally are when the fair is open. Because the fair is not open all the rides are at another fair or in storage somewhere. So, I had a big empty space for driving and it is paved and the rest of the fairgrounds between the barns. My dad showed me where most things I’d need were and what I’d have to do, “Alright now it’s your turn.” my dad got out of the car and so I jumped out too. We switched seats and it felt weird being in the driver’s seat. He told me to turn on the blinkers and the windshield wipers and told me how to start walking and everything else I’d need. “Ok, drive forward and backwards,” my dad asked me to do so because he wanted me to get a feel for the sensitivity of the car’s pedals. So I backed up and moved forward, I smiled it almost felt like a rush in a way so my excitement was peeking through more. My dad told me where to go and what to try or so I was not completely lost on what was going
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