First Time I Learned How To Walk Essay

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The first time The first time I learned how to walk was when I was 1 year old. It was a cloudy day with not much going on .I was very advanced in everything as I could read and write and speak 4 languages fluently , but I could never walk yet . I remember crawling against the living room floor as my mother told me to stand up and take my first steps . After many tries I finally took my first baby steps as if I was frankenstein when he first came to life . I became so imperious that when my mother would tell me too to sit down and eat I would start walking again and not listen to her because it was very fun to walk around the house just like everyone else . In the first month of me walking for the first time many things happened ,one day…show more content…
He was very skinny and he was asking people for money for food on the sidewalk . I couldn’t give him any money as i was too young to have a job . the next week I lost my phone that my father bought me as a gift for taking my first steps . he gave me an iphone so i can call when there was an emergency, even though i was 1 one i was very smart and talented . I felt so happy that i started showing everyone in my english class since i was very advanced then everyone else , However one day i had dropped my phone off the rollercoaster at six flags and did not notice until i got off, and of course the roller coaster was small but i am just a kid. As i was looking for my phone i realized one of the roller coasters were ran by the use of galvanism , The roller coaster was electric and it would shock anyone who touched it before it cooled down. As i looked for my phone i noticed someone was running away holding a figure in their hand with a phone like shape , I quickly ran after the man in black with my cell phone and it had turned out that he was giving it to his friend because he was lost and needed to call his parents . After i caught up to him and told me he was stealing i teased him by calling him prometheus’ son for stealing my phone and
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